Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn windows are contemporary casements with the tilt function. These features make them currently the most popular windows around the world. The biggest advantages are: long-term usage, unique energy efficiency, air tightness, sound control and water resistance. You can choose a wide range of sizes, colours and designs. Thanks to the tilt option these windows provide excellent, draft-free ventilation combined with a high-level of security. Furthermore, the inside opening makes them easy to clean and to service. 

We distinguish three kinds of Tilt & Turn windows:

  1. Timber – made entirely of wood (either redwood, hardwood, oak or others; to virtually any size and design).
  2. Aluminium clad – the internal part made in wood, the outside covered by an aluminium overlay.
  3. Wintherm – energy saving triple glazed Tilt & Turn windows.

Our Tilt & Turn windows are CE marked. CE marked goods are in compliance with PN-EN 14351-1 i. and provide a certain performance specification for regulated requirements in relation to the intended uses.

  1. Factory applied micro- porous coatings by environmentally friendly REMMERS company provide maximum protection.
  2. Double glazed units 4x16x4mm,”thermofloat”; the cavity filled with argon gas Ug= 1,0 W/m2K – savings on your heating costs.
  3. Warm edge spacer bars help to minimise heat loss and combat condensation levels on the inner pane.
  4. Aluminium, glazing beads provide protection against weather conditions.
  5. Multi-layer timber sections balances warping and combats twisting.
  6. Weather seal DEVENTERU – guarantees your window system reliable heat and sound insulation.
  7. Aluminium water bar(either anodised or painted) prevents water penetration through joints and provides effective protection against weather conditions.
  8. 68mm window frame.

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